I Got It

I had a day date with my mommy recently.  It was great.  We saw a movie, ate sushi and did a little shopping.

We stopped in to Old Navy so I could look at tops.  With the weather changing, I wanted to get a something to start the transition.  I tried on a couple of things and made my way to the register with my mommy in tow.  When we got to the register she stepped in and offered to pay.

I got it,” she told me.

I told her no that I was planning on paying for it.  She insisted.  She wanted to buy the tops for me.  Knowing better than to argue, I graciously accepted.

For whatever reason, I seem to have a problem letting my mommy do nice things like that for me.  Now, if it’s for Regan than I have no problem.  That’s because I NEED help with her.  Clothes and school and whatnot ain’t cheap.  So I welcome her assistance.  But I guess if I don’t feel I need something for myself then I feel guilty about accepting anything.

She has expressed her annoyance over these feelings on more than one occasion, so I’ve learned to just say thank you and move on.

The following week I was running errands with Regan.  We were going to buy her a special reward for achieving her bedwetting goal.  She picked out her purse and I started looking at shoes.  She had no interest in the shoes.  I made her sit down and try them on and she seemed bored.

Regan, don’t you want a new pair of shoes?”

No, mommy.  I don’t need any shoes!

First, let me say, that’s a lie.  This child is HARD on shoes and always needs new ones.  Second, in that moment, I totally understood how my mother must feel when she is shopping with me.  There I was trying to do something nice for my daughter and she turned me down.

I decided to put my pennies back in my pocket and skip the shoes.  The next time, however, I am going to insist.  I love doing nice things for her and making her happy and, dammit, she is going to accept it graciously.

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Delicious Disaster

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to make bbq ribs.  We eat a lot of chicken at home and I figured ribs would be just the dish to shake things up.  I found an easy and budget friendly recipe.

After my weekly trip to the market where I picked up enough food for several meals, I realized that I had bought beef ribs, not pork.  Ooookay.  Beef ribs it is.

The night before dinner I was so proud of myself.  I cut my onions, seasoned and portioned the ribs and put everything in the crockpot.  The next morning all I had to do was add the barbecue sauce and apple juice.

Except that I couldn’t find the brand new barbecue sauce that I am sure I bought over the weekend.  So the morning of dinner I was squeezing the dear life out of the two bottles I had in the fridge.  It didn’t look like nearly enough, but it would have to do.  I added the apple juice and the ratio was way off.  I’ve made country ribs in root beer before, so it couldn’t be that bad, right?

Fugg it.  I put the lid on, set the timer and was out the door.  As I drove Regan to school I told her we’d probably be having hot dogs for dinner.

When we got home I made bee-line for the crockpot.  The ribs were swimming in the hot apple juice concoction.  I grabbed a forked and fished out a little sliver of meat and…Oh.My.Damn.  It was delicious!

photo 3

Not barbecuey at all, but tasty just the same.

photo 1

I served it up with rice and green beans and we grubbed.  Regan had seconds.  So did I.

There was a good portion left which I promptly threw in the trash.  Uh, yeah.  I tossed it.  I can’t explain it, but I knew I didn’t want any more.  The thought of eating it again made me queasy.  But it was good the first go around.


Blogger’s Note: Sorry for the ultra-janky iPhone pics.  I’ll do better and start using my real camera.


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She’s Alive

No, I haven’t forgotten the password.  I really just don’t have anything to say!  Well, I say plenty every day on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  It feels kind of redundant to come here and say the same things.

Oh, can I just say that I HATE seeing something on twitter, and then seeing it again on IG and FB?  Annoys the hell out of me.  You don’t have to post the same pics in all three places, people.  I only need to see that pic from Easter dinner once.  As such, I have found myself unfollowing folks from one or two of those outlets.  So if I’ve deleted you, don’t take it personal.  Or do.  And maybe reevaluate your tendency to overshare.

Anyway, so what’s been going on with me?  Just moving through the summer.  It’s almost over!

Regan spent a couple of weeks in New Jersey with my mom.  I missed her dearly, but I am glad she had a REAL vacation.  She spent a few days at the beach, went to museums, went to New York, went to libraries.  They kept her busy!

I haven’t done much. Just work and home stuff and occasional time with the new guy.  Nothing exciting to blog about, but all of that will change soon.  And I can’t wait!

This weekend was pretty busy for me and my gal.

We did dinner with the Intern on Friday.  It was good quality time, although I don’t think he was prepared for Regan housing the queso.  Next time she’ll just get her own.

photo 1

I tried a drink called a Falcon ‘rita (in honor of our first home game) and it was delish!

Saturday we chilled mostly because of the rain.  Then the rain dried up and the blazing sun came out, so we headed to the pool for a bit.  I love that she is getting older and more self-sufficient in the pool. I don’t have to keep my hands on her for every single second.

Regan LOVES to jump in the pool.  I let her jump in a handful of times so she could practice swimming to me and getting herself out of the pool.  The final time she jumped she landed wrong and water went all in her nose.  She gasped as I reached for her and pulled her out of the water and said, “momma, I don’t wanna jump anymore.”

photo 3

Am I wrong for laughing?

Sunday we headed to Six Flags.  School is back in for Georgia and it was a high chance of rain, so I figured it wouldn’t be that packed.  I was correct and we had a great time.

PicMonkey Collage

I don’t think we waited in line for more than 15 minutes for a single ride.  It’s really the only way to do an amusement park.  We skipped the water park portion and just did rides.  It rained for about 15 minutes so we took cover, grabbed lunch and went back to having fun.

It was a good day.


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This is How you Do It

So the flowers I received last week were, indeed, from the guy I didn’t want them to be from.  It really is a pity he didn’t do something like that months ago, but too little too late and blah blah blah.

I contemplated not even taking the flowers home, but I was reminded to just look at them as flowers and not flowersfromsomeguyIdontlike.  So that’s what I did.

Fast forward a few nights and my guy came over for dinner with my cousins.  I asked him to bring a bottle of wine, but when I opened the door he was standing there with a bouquet of flowers.  The August birth flower, no less.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you show a girl what’s what.

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