Color and Cut at Louis Quarterman Salon

I am ashamed to tell you that it has been about a year since my last hair cut.  It’s not that I am attached to hair length.  I actually appreciate a good haircut.  It can add volume, style and make hair look so much healthier.  I wasn’t happy with the shape of my hair at my last cut and so I’ve avoided trims ever since.

When I was contacted by the Louis Quarterman Salon with an opportunity to check out their services, I decided to step out on a ledge and entrust my tresses to them.  I was going to get color AND Cut!

My first impression of Louis Quarterman Salon was great.  The location was perfect!  It’s in Midtown right on Northside Drive.  In fact, it’s in the same building as my nail salon.  And there is free parking, which is always important when you are talking ITP.

Although they specialize in natural hair, they certainly cater to all types of hair types.  Natural, relaxed and non-people of color.

Louis, Rajii and the rest of the team were super friendly.  After consulting with Louis, we decided that we would blow my hair out for the cut.  This was HUGE because I have not had my hair blown out in years.  4 years to be exact.

First we did my color which was followed by the most magnificent shampoo of my life.  When it was time for the blow out and cut, I was a little nervous and excited at the same time.  I’d finally get to see me with straight hair!

The result was very much…ummm…Cousin It.

hair2 2014

Yikes.  I had a head full of scraggly, long, blonde hair.  But after my cut I felt infinitely better.

hair 2014

Still long.  Still blonde.  But the shape was so much better.

Dec 2014

As much fun as it was to see me with straight hair, I wanted my curls back immediately.  It just feels more like me.  And now that I have fresh color and a great cut, I am totally ready for the holidays!

I’m really happy that I had the chance to try out the Louis Quarterman Salon.  I will definitely be visiting again.  If you decide to try them, tell them Babs sent ya!


Necessary Legalities:  I was provided with hair services in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Cutting Ties

Last week I took a leap.  A BIG leap.  I have been contemplating cutting the ties with my satellite dish for a couple of years and I finally made the decision to do it.  My expenses aren’t going down, they are only increasing, and my income hasn’t increased so something had to go.  The only thing I could live without is that $100+ cable bill.

I called to cancel and was given a date it would be shut off based on my next bill date.  Then it was cut off a full two weeks early.  I was not ready!  I hadn’t cleared my DVR.  I hadn’t put my entire plan into place.  But I would deal.

Honestly, the only cable channels we watch are Disney, Bravo and HGTV.  Most things that Regan watches are on Netflix and Prime.  I can get over HGTV.  The only thing I would miss are my Real Housewives of Whereversville.  Then I discovered something fabulous…

The Bravo app airs their shows LIVE.  All you need is a sign in for your cable provider.  Correction:  All I need is my mom’s sign-in for HER cable provider.  Boom!  Back in business, baby!

So I have cut the cable ties and I still have access to everything I need!  I can watch all my shows either on the network websites, Netflix and Amazon Prime. (Hulu sucks BTW)  I also found a site that lets me view shows past and present, but I am not certain of it’s legality, so I won’t mention it here.

Have any of you cut your cable ties?  Was it easy or hard?  What do you miss the most, if anything?


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16 Pieces

Halloween will forever and always be my favorite holiday.  I love the cool weather, fun costumes and copious amounts of candy.  Unfortunately, my complete lack of a social life means I no longer get to enjoy Halloween as I once did.  That’s okay, I can still make sure Regan has fun!

Regan enjoyed two costumes this year.  The first was intended for wearing at school.  I knew she was going to be wearing it all day at school, plus playing outside for the school’s festival (complete with pony rides) so I went with something comfortable and durable.

Hall 1

A week later was the big night and for this I spent a lot of time deciding.  Yes, I know she should be picking out her own costume, but if she’d had her druthers she’d have been Elsa along with 3,000 other little girls running around atlanta.  We are nothing if not unique, so Elsa just wouldn’t do.  After lots of discussion, I surmised that all she really cared about was the hair.  Every costume I suggested was met with, “what’s her hair look like?

Enter Ariel…

Hall 2

It was the perfect costume.  Unique because Ariel is so last century.  And satisfied Regan because LONG RED WIG.  She practically jumped out of her skin when I opened the box.  She was thrilled.

Before trick-or-treating we went out for a special dinner.  Ariel simply had to have a little seafood in her belly before all that candy.  Yes, it might seem a little awkward to be dressed as a merman and eating seafood for dinner, but it was Halloween, after all.

For trick-or-treat we headed to a local event facility that had set up their grounds for the kids.  Being her first time, I wanted to make sure we did something fun and appropriate for her age.  We were able to go from room-to-room, and sometimes building-to-building begging for candy.

Okay, so here’s the thing- there were 18 locations on the property.  We obviously only hit up 16 of them.  How do I know this?  Because homegirl only came home with 16 PIECES of candy.  She was so excited when we got home.  “Look at all this candy, momma!”  I had to stifle my laughter.  It was truly the wackest candy bounty I had ever seen, but it was perfect for a 4-year old so I decided not to burst her bubble.

In the end, she really only netted about 10 pieces of candy, because as soon as she wasn’t looking I totally housed her little snickers and butterfingers.  What, isn’t that a parent’s right?

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Warm and Creamy and Perfect for Fall

My favorite soup in the whole wide world is lobster bisque.  Unfortunately, this post is not about my favorite soup in the whole wide world.  This post is about my SECOND favorite soup – Butternut Squash Soup.

I really do love Butternut Squash Soup, henceforth called BSS.  It’s warm, creamy smoothness is the perfect dish for the fall.  I order it just about every time I see it on a menu, so this weekend I finally decided to make it.  There are tons of recipes online, and I went with this recipe.  Oh and I also added one white potato to the recipe because I had seen it on another site and bought the potato by mistake.




BSS is super easy to make. I think it took maybe an hour to make.  I bought pre-cut squash and shredded carrots, which saved a lot of time.  Even Regan helped make it. She loves using the immersion blender.  Oh yes, the best part is that I got to use my favorite kitchen gadgets like my food processor and my immersion blender.  Of course you don’t need either of those to make BSS, but I love an excuse to use them.


Regan and I had BSS for lunch yesterday.  And before I put everything away, I packed up lunch for the next two days.  As a matter of fact, it’s lunch time and I’m hungry.  Let me go heat it up right now!

What’s your favorite cold-weather soup?

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