38 Weeks

Yes, yes.  I’m still here.  And muy pregnant!

I woke up this morning and my feet hurt like I had been walking all night.  And my back has been hurting since yesterday.  I am seriously considering working half days the rest of this week.  I don’t know if I can pull a full shift.

But enough complaining…

This is my last five days of work!!!  Woo-hoo!  You know what that means?  After Friday I can retire these corny ass maternity work pants and shoes.  I can get back to high heels and pants that accentuate my donk.  I can put a little sway back in my walk.  Boy, the plantation isn’t gonna know what hit ‘em come August when I return.

I had a nice weekend.  Although I overdid it, it was good to get some things accomplished and spend some quality time with my favorite people.

Friday night I drove to damn-near Tennessee to pick up Foxy’s crib bedding.  It’s pretty.  Honestly, once I walked into the store I saw some other bedding that caught my eye, but at this point I am beyond caring, plus we went through so much trouble to get this discontinued bedding that I just grabbed it and walked out.  Now the search to find suitable accessories continues.

Saturday morning I took my car to the Cobb County Safe Kids event.  They provide free car seat installation and inspection.  It was a really good activity for me because I know nothing about car seats or the law.  The lady that installed my car seat explained the hows and the whys.  Now I am confident that I can safely install the car seat and I understand WHY I am doing certain things.

Afterwards I headed over to CaliSlim’s to meet her sister and baby niece.  Let me tell you, that baby is CUTE.  She clearly holds the title for the cutest little girl for the next week or so.  I was mesmerized.  She is nearly five months old and I was studying her like a science project.  Foxy will be that size come November.  Oh and Sister Slim?  Love her!  I wish all the Slim Sisters lived in Atlanta. 

Saturday evening I headed to a family event with Tim.  I had intended to stay for just an hour as I was hella tired, but ended staying for four.  This was in part to being cornered my Tim’s dad who is quite chatty (just like his son).  We actually had a great conversation and it makes me think back to six months ago when I was sure the man didn’t even like me.

Sunday I went grocery shopping.  Like, for real for real grocery shopping.  I haven’t walked through a grocery store with a basket in ages.  And it’s been ages since I had my feelings hurt as the cashier told me my total.  But I needed to get stocked up for being house bound for the next month or so.  Plus, Momma Babs had a few requests for her stay.

In the afternoon I took the youngest Offspring to the pool while Tim and the Oldest went to football practice.  It was the cutest thing.  I bought him swim trunks and flip flops and had them hanging on my banister.  He walked into my house and saw them immediately.  He asked if Santa had been there.  Ha! 

When I told him we were going to the pool he asked excitedly, “Now?!”  So we headed to the pool, he in his new trunks and flip flops, me in my big girl swim suit.  By the by, I’m so glad I never got rid of the thing.  You did know I was a teetering size 20 prior to moving to Atlanta, right?

We had a great time at the pool.  I was happy to get some sun on my chunky thighs and he was happy to “swim”.  FYI his version of swimming is latching on to me as I walk around the pool.  We did practice kicks and getting his face wet.  I plan to get him fully comfortable with being in the water by summer’s end.  Perhaps his dad will pony up some certified swim lessons (hint hint).

After swimming we showered and waited for his dad and brother to return.  I prepared a delicious dinner (burgers, beans and corn) and we had a nice family dinner. 

Then I kicked them out and was asleep twenty minutes later.

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7 Responses to 38 Weeks

  1. You have more activity now than you did when you were on your dating shenanigans! LOL!!!

    • naijamodel says:

      Seriously! I’m impressed! I went out Saturday night and did brunch on Sunday and I’m only at work now because I had 2 espresso shots :-(

  2. missmajestic says:

    wow that baby’s face is so animated it looks like she is enjoying being in your arms!

    She was a very happy baby. I can’t take the credit!

  3. AR Gal says:

    Baby CaliSlim is too cute!

    I say do half days! Work doesn’t seem like work when you’re doing four hours instead of eight.

  4. CaliSlim says:

    @AR Girl – That’s Baby Sister Slim! CaliSlim’s womb rebukes babies! :lol: (for now)

  5. Coop says:

    You really lucked up with Tim and his family. You all seem to be a perfect fit. I couldn’t be happier for you…for the next week.

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