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Color and Cut at Louis Quarterman Salon

I am ashamed to tell you that it has been about a year since my last hair cut.  It’s not that I am attached to hair length.  I actually appreciate a good haircut.  It can add volume, style and make … Continue reading

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Cutting Ties

Last week I took a leap.  A BIG leap.  I have been contemplating cutting the ties with my satellite dish for a couple of years and I finally made the decision to do it.  My expenses aren’t going down, they … Continue reading

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16 Pieces

Halloween will forever and always be my favorite holiday.  I love the cool weather, fun costumes and copious amounts of candy.  Unfortunately, my complete lack of a social life means I no longer get to enjoy Halloween as I once … Continue reading

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Warm and Creamy and Perfect for Fall

My favorite soup in the whole wide world is lobster bisque.  Unfortunately, this post is not about my favorite soup in the whole wide world.  This post is about my SECOND favorite soup – Butternut Squash Soup. I really do … Continue reading

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