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This is How you Do It

So the flowers I received last week were, indeed, from the guy I didn’t want them to be from.  It really is a pity he didn’t do something like that months ago, but too little too late and blah blah … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

Yesterday my cousins were in town.  I was excited because no one ever comes to visit me (and what’s the point in a guest bedroom if there are never any guests).  Also, I was excited because I love to cook … Continue reading

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Imagine a girl waltzing in to work.  Okay, no need to be coy.  This IS my spot. Imagine me waltzing in to work.  I’m feeling kind of high because I’m just coming off of a nice evening with my new guy. … Continue reading

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Enjoying…a little babyfree time.  Regan has gone to stay with my mom for a while.  It’s the best of both worlds.  We both get to have fun and then FaceTime every evening! Loving…myself.  No for real.  I’ve started doing affirmations … Continue reading

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