BWB: The Recap

Okay, so here’s the skinny on Blogging While Brown…

I loved it!  It was such a great experience.  My brain is actually tired from all of the information I took in while simultaneously tweeting and taking hand-written notes for two days!


Friday was devoted to the Business of Blogging.  The group was smaller so it was a good way to get inducted into the whole blogging conference thing.  I admit I was a little nervous about attending the conference.  I mean, I’ve met plenty of bloggers and formed real friendships through blogging, but I knew that probably no one at this conference knew who I was.  It felt a little like the first day of school and I was the new girl.  I definitely felt like the small fish in a big pond, but I looked t it as a chance to grow.

The sessions on Friday really inspired me to do more with my blog in terms of generating income.  As a single mother and woman who likes to eat well, I am seriously in need of extra income.  I’m hoping I can put some of this great knowledge to work.


Friday night was the white party sponsored by Colgate Optic White.  Can you believe I’ve probably only been to two white parties in my life?  As such I was pretty excited to have a reason to wear my pretty dress.  I bought it for no reason a couple of months ago, and when I learned there was a white party I was stoked!


The party itself was kinda chill.  I guess I thought folks were gonna be partying it up, but I think most people were still feeling each other out and preserving their energy for the next day.


I was happy to connect with the handful of Atlanta bloggers that were there.

Saturday was the main day and there were more than 200 people (I think) in attendance.  Again, I didn’t know anyone, but I was definitely more comfortable walking in to the building.


The day started with breakfast and a viewing of the first episode of the second season of The Soul Man on TVLand, who was a sponsor.  I think it’s great that they wanted to reach out to brown bloggers and sent some of their people to speak to us.  And it was great starting the day out with a few laughs!


In addition to our opening and closing keynote, we had many sessions to choose from which included becoming a better writer, starting a business and protecting your brand, just to name a few.  The sessions ran concurrently and several times it was tough to decide between two sessions.


AT&T was also a sponsor and had a pretty cool texting and driving demo set up as a part of their “It Can Wait” campaign.


Beautiful Textures was on the scene giving away free hair care products, and you know how I love to try new products.


I was excited to hear from a few members of blog royalty including Luvvie, Michelle from Black & Bougie, Carolyn Edgar and Necole Bitchie.

The evening closing party which was sponsored by AT&T was, again, kind of chill.  By then folks had pretty much met who they were going to meet and kind of hung out in groups.


I ended up leaving with my new buddy A Girl Travels and we went to Soho for a tasty Caribbean dinner.

As I returned back to my hotel later that evening I ran into a few bloggers that had just finished attending a screening of Fruitvale Station that was for us.  I decided to skip the movie as I didn’t want to end my positive blogging experience on such a sad note and I am so glad I did.  From what I hear it was a very sad movie, but worth seeing.

Overall, I had an awesome time.  I am so ready to put my learnings into action!  And I can’t wait to attend BWB next year, which is going to be held in New York again.  I am so excited!


Thanks to Gina and everyone with Blogging While Brown for such an awesome conference!


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6 Responses to BWB: The Recap

  1. Great recap! I can’t wait to attend next year. Hopefully I will get to meet you there.

  2. Hey Butterfly..:) Awesome wrap up.. It was great meeting you and walking down..”Wait what street are we on AVE”..lmbo.. Butterflies UP!!

  3. Hi Babs,
    So glad we met. I agree that it was tough to choose between two sessions. I am so glad for twitter. I felt like I could was in two sessions at once. :-) Thanks for the recap.

  4. Nae says:

    Nice! I hope to attend BWB next year :)

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  6. Sasha says:

    I can’t believe you got to hear Michelle from Black & Bougie! I love her blog!

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