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We have a saying in my house.  It goes something like this: LITTLE GIRLS WHO WRITE ON MOMMY’S FURNITURE DON’T GET TREATS! Y’all, I’m pissed.  Like, I know furniture graffiti can be a hazard of parenting, but I never expected … Continue reading

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A Horse! Of Course!

Another banner weekend on the books for Babs and Regan! We started out with our ritual movie and pizza night on Friday.  With a gift card to a local pizza joint and Netflix, it was a spend-free evening.  We watched … Continue reading

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Boy Crazy

If you know me personally and we are FB friends, you already know that Regan is quite smitten with a boy named Alex.  Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.  The girl is flat-out obsessed with Alex!  He is all … Continue reading

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My Big Girl

Regan will be four in July, but she has been slow to get completely potty trained.  She quit wearing pull-ups during the day a while ago, but still had to wear them overnight.  I didn’t worry about it.  Scratch that.  … Continue reading

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