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Burn Baby

I didn’t eat a lot during the day yesterday.  I had a small breakfast and lunch and nothing else that I can recall.  By the time Regan and I got home I was starving.  I had made salsa chicken in … Continue reading

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Time for a Checkup!

Today I took Regan to her first dental appointment.  I’ve been hyping it up for a few weeks, so this morning when she was getting dressed I asked if she was excited and she gave me a resounding  “Yes!” I … Continue reading

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My Left Foot

Let’s talk about healthcare.  No, not the Affordable Care Act.  Let’s talk about health insurance-  the kind obtained through one’s employer.  I will assume that most of you reading this receive health insurance through your employers, as do I. I … Continue reading

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Daily Dose

I was having a conversation with my mother recently and the subject of vitamins came up.  When I told her I didn’t take vitamins her reaction was something like, “What?! Your insides are falling apart!”  And no, I’m not exaggerating.  … Continue reading

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