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We have a saying in my house.  It goes something like this: LITTLE GIRLS WHO WRITE ON MOMMY’S FURNITURE DON’T GET TREATS! Y’all, I’m pissed.  Like, I know furniture graffiti can be a hazard of parenting, but I never expected … Continue reading

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Wear Her Out

The goal of every parent, aside from healthy and happy children, is to ensure at the end of the day, their child is worn the hell out.  So tired they yawn through dinner, bath and bedtime story.  That is the … Continue reading

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My Big Girl

Regan will be four in July, but she has been slow to get completely potty trained.  She quit wearing pull-ups during the day a while ago, but still had to wear them overnight.  I didn’t worry about it.  Scratch that.  … Continue reading

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Moments Like This

Regan is having a sleepover tonight.  As I was preparing her breakfast this morning she was talking about it and asking me questions. Regan: Chloe’s coming? Kendall’s coming? And Sydney’s coming? Babs: Yes, and Ary too. Regan: Ary’s coming too?!? … Continue reading

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