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This Woman’s Work

What do you do when your daughter comes home from a week-long visit with her father and has ringworm and no one has bothered to take her to the doctor? Why, you bring her to work, of course, because she … Continue reading

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I remember going with my mom whenever she voted, and I’ve been taking Regan with me since she was born. Do you take your children with you to vote?  Do they understand what’s going on?

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You wanna know what really gets my goat?  I mean, you know, aside from people that say things like “gets my goat.”  I really can’t stand people that offer unsolicited parenting advice.  And, yes, I know that I’ve been known … Continue reading

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We have a saying in my house.  It goes something like this: LITTLE GIRLS WHO WRITE ON MOMMY’S FURNITURE DON’T GET TREATS! Y’all, I’m pissed.  Like, I know furniture graffiti can be a hazard of parenting, but I never expected … Continue reading

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