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This is How you Do It

So the flowers I received last week were, indeed, from the guy I didn’t want them to be from.  It really is a pity he didn’t do something like that months ago, but too little too late and blah blah … Continue reading

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Imagine a girl waltzing in to work.  Okay, no need to be coy.  This IS my spot. Imagine me waltzing in to work.  I’m feeling kind of high because I’m just coming off of a nice evening with my new guy. … Continue reading

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Hang Time

A few months ago, actually it was January, I remember having a talk with the Girl.  She was visiting me for the weekend and we got to talking about relationships, as all single women do.  I can’t remember the full context … Continue reading

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Boy Crazy

If you know me personally and we are FB friends, you already know that Regan is quite smitten with a boy named Alex.  Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.  The girl is flat-out obsessed with Alex!  He is all … Continue reading

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