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It’s Been That Kind of Morning

It’s been a shitty ass morning.  Let’s see, how did it start?  Oh wait, it started last night.  I have been getting sick all week.  Yesterday was a hellish day and it brought all of my defenses down.  By the … Continue reading

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Day 8: A Moment to Breathe

For a moment, I wanted to scream.  I wanted to scream, “look what you did!”  I couldn’t believe that a full glass of dark cola was spilled all over my living room carpet! Instead, I took a moment to breathe. … Continue reading

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Like a What?

Yesterday, Tim and I took the Offspring to the pool for a quick afternoon outing.  Since there were four of us I was able to actually do some swimming without the littlest attached to my neck.  While he sat on … Continue reading

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38 Weeks

Yes, yes.  I’m still here.  And muy pregnant! I woke up this morning and my feet hurt like I had been walking all night.  And my back has been hurting since yesterday.  I am seriously considering working half days the … Continue reading

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