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Like the Wind

Okay, I had my coworker read the aforementioned email to make sure I wasn’t overreacting and misinterpreting what was written.  She was shocked that someone was coming at me like that over nothing.  Nothing! I had a very shut ‘em … Continue reading

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Have you ever gotten an email from someone that you know, but you don’t really know, and you can’t quite figure out the tone?  Like, I’m sitting here minding my business and I get this email and I have read … Continue reading

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Reverse! Reverse!

That DiscoDiva, she’s a smart one.  Must be all that schoolin.  Yesterday we were talking about the 52-Week Money Challenge that’s sweeping the nation a handful of us are doing, and she mentioned that it would be easier to do … Continue reading

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Greener Grass

All through my twitter, FB and Instagram feed I see folks up North complaining about the cold weather.  I chuckle because I know that in the Summer all they see are folks down South complaining about the heat.  Hey, it … Continue reading

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