I’m constantly searching for ways to cut costs, and trust me when I tell you there aren’t many.  Well, there might be many, but not things I am WILLING to cut.  Prior to Regan, I was an every-other-week pedicure kind of girl.  Now I go about once a month or less.  This might not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me when I tell you it is.  I keep my feet together at all times.  I always have.  So when it’s time for fresh polish I’ve been, gasp, doing it myself.

Look, I know millions of women paint their own toes every single day, but it just isn’t my forte.  Maybe my hands aren’t steady, maybe I’m not limber enough, maybe my boobs are too big and get in the way.  Actually, I think it’s all three.

Anyway, after painting my own toes I am always so self-conscious at their jankiness.  Recently, I decided I wasn’t going to sweat it anymore.  I removed my old polish, buffed and moisturized my nails and slapped on some clear polish.  That’s it!

Normally, I wear nude nails in the winter when they are covered up with socks and shoes for weeks at  time.  But I’ve decided to wear nude nails in the summer when I am in between pedicures.  I actually like how my feet look with no polish, so it’s really not a big deal to me.  I was even thinking about wearing them natural after my next pedicure.  It makes life so much easier.  I don’t have to worry about my polish clashing with my outfit or chipping.  I’m ready to go at all times!

Do you ever wear your toes without polish?

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Big Fun at Hurricane Harbor

I am always looking for fun things to do with Regan, especially anything involving water.  She loves showers, baths, swimming pools, splash pads, sprinklers, freak rain storms and thing else that will allow her to get wet.  So when I was invited to the grand opening of Six Flags’ new Hurricane Harbor, I knew we had to be there.


Hurricane Harbor is great because not only is it located within Six Flags over Georgia, but it’s included in the regular price of admission.  On a hot Georgia day, it’s great to be able to get in the wave pool or a giant water slide after a day of roller coasters.  Or you can spend the day at Hurricane Harbor then spend the second part of the day on thrill rides.


Being only 42 inches tall, Regan wasn’t able to ride everything at Hurricane Harbor.  I was actually okay with that because I didn’t want to ride everything!  She loved Skull Island and the waterslides and she loved the giant wave pool.  Beware, the wave pool gets pretty…wavy, so I wouldn’t have let her go in there alone.  Even with her life jacket on.


Oh, that is the great thing about Hurricane Harbor, there are plenty of life jackets in different sizes, so you can make water safety your number one priority.  There are also lots of lounge chairs in the shade, a few cabanas and plenty of lockers to store your valuables.  Keep in the mind the lockers are pretty pricey.  Nearly $20.  So if you are going with a group it’s smart to just use the buddy system for watching your gear.  If you are going solo, then go ahead and plan for the fee.

There are also options for food and drink and a store that sells sundries.  So you can spend all day at Hurricane Harbor without going out to your car if you forget something, which is good because the water park is located all the way at the back of Six Flags.  It’s a hike to get there, but once you are there you won’t want to leave!

I’m really looking forward to going back to Hurricane Harbor, and so is Regan!  I’ve already started mapping out our plan of attack so we can maximize our fun.  Good thing we only live 15 minutes away.



Necessary Legalities:  I was compensated with admission for the Media Day Grand Opening.  All opinions are my own.

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I’m starting this week out feeling a whole lot lighter.  Not lighter in the physical sense, though I did manage to lose two pounds last week.  I feel like my mind is a little lighter.

First, I had to make a really tough decision regarding Regan.  It’s something I had considered a couple of months ago, but I didn’t want to do it.  Now that I’ve made the decision, I know that it is the best thing for me and ultimately her.  But boy is July going to be a challenge!

The next thing I did was some serious cleaning and purging.  I love getting rid of stuff, particularly old clothes or old, I don’t know, toiletries or random crap like that.  And, oh do I hate cleaning.  With a passion!  I think 2015 is going to be the return of the housekeeper.  I had to let her go because Regan is expensive, but January is about to see some change.  And that change doesn’t involve me cleaning toilets and tubs!

The last thing I did was to go through the pictures that I wrote about last week.  I discarded a (large) shopping bag full of pics.  Wedding and vacation albums were discarded without a second thought.  I did put a small stack together for the Ex and will be sending them today.  I hope his address hasn’t changed.  I think he’ll be pleased to have the pics with his mom, since I know she passed away a few years ago.

The second half of the year is upon us.  I feel ready to usher in the new.  New memories, new experiences and new shoes!

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Hang Time

A few months ago, actually it was January, I remember having a talk with the Girl.  She was visiting me for the weekend and we got to talking about relationships, as all single women do.  I can’t remember the full context of the conversation, but I remember saying that I didn’t even care about finding a husband or having a serious boyfriend.

“I just want someone to hang out with and split some lettuce wraps with.”

Yep.  Those were my exact words.  And you know about me and the Universe, right?

So probably starting the very next weekend, I found myself hanging out with this guy.  That’s pretty much all we did.  We’d either hang out at his place or hang out at mine.  Occasionally we’d grab a meal or whatnot, but mostly we just hung out.  And I was perfectly fine with that.  I got to be in a pseudo-relationship without the work of actually being in a relationship.

Oh, let’s be clear, this was not a relationship.  There were no sweet nothings, no flowers, no cards, no romantic dinners.  Just two friends hanging out, watching movies, sipping cocktails and whatnot.

There were a couple of situations where he didn’t do what I would have expected someone that I was dating to do, but then I had to remind myself that we weren’t dating,  just hanging out.  That’s what I asked for.

So one day there was a straw.  And you know what the straw does.  It breaks the camel’s back.  And just like that I was done.  I wasn’t mad at him, nor did I have any ill-will towards him.  I was just done.

I decided that I wanted to be in a relationship.  A full-fledged relationship with all the bells and whistles- romance, intimacy, trust, friendship and hot sex.

Then I put it out into the universe…

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