Imagine a girl waltzing in to work.  Okay, no need to be coy.  This IS my spot.

Imagine me waltzing in to work.  I’m feeling kind of high because I’m just coming off of a nice evening with my new guy.  The weather is lovely, my jeans fit right and I’m looking forward to a super fun lunch with a friend.

I’m sitting at my desk doing some work (for real) when suddenly a delivery guy shows up at my desk with flowers.  Flowers for moi?!?  I thought perhaps he just needed my signature so he could leave them at someone else’s desk.  But no, they had my name on them,  They were for me!

A dozen roses and a teddy bear!

You guys, I was ecstatic.  I hadn’t had flowers delivered since I was married.   And these were from the guy I was seeing and actually liked! The card didn’t indicate who they were from, but I was sure it was him.  I quickly shot him off a text.  Then came his response.

He didn’t send me any flowers.  

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!

My coworker immediately started laughing.  She determined they were from  Hang Time.  Mind you, Hang Time hasn’t called me in over two months, electing instead to send me random texts on a weekly basis.   Texts inviting me out to dinners, movies, tennis dates and whatnot.   I always respond with a curt “no thanks.”  So why he would spend his hard earned money on flowers for someone who clearly is not interested in his company?  It’s been two months!

I sent him a text asking if they were from him, but at press time I have not received a response.

Another coworker suggested they were from the security guard that has a crush on me.

There is one other slim possbility, but he is someone I haven’t spoken to or seen since last month.

I’m really bummed that I can’t enjoy my flowers.  If they aren’t from the guy I wanted them to be from, I really don’t even care.

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Enjoying…a little babyfree time.  Regan has gone to stay with my mom for a while.  It’s the best of both worlds.  We both get to have fun and then FaceTime every evening!

Loving…myself.  No for real.  I’ve started doing affirmations in the morning and it makes me love myself even more than ever.  You should try it!

Feeling…pain in my knees.  I fell last week and skinned my knees something awful.  One is healing pretty easily, the other not so much.  And they both are putting a cramp on my steez.  It is so hard to be fly in pants in the middle of the summer.  And I am sick of maxi dresses.

Reading…a new book on my Kindle.  Hidden by Ca.therine McKen.zie.  I just started it so I can’t speak on it yet.  But I am still loving my Kindle and still loving the one free book a month.

Thinking about…my new guy.  I am besotted.

Listening to…Spotify.  I know I am late to the game.  I actually tried it out a few months and didn’t get it.  I think they must have changed the site because suddenly I can navigate it so much easier.  Follow me!

Watching…Big Brother 16.  People, can we all touch and agree that Devin goes home tonight?  I can’t stand him.  He’s not even attractive to me anymore.

Counting down…to getting off work.  Some much needed beauty maintenance is on deck and then I get to see the guy.  :)





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The other day I was trapped at home cuddled up with my baby.  I had teleworked and, thus, hadn’t left my house the entire day.  I love days like that and had no intentions of going anywhere.  Then it hit me.  MY SWEET TOOTH.

Suddenly, I wanted cake.  Nay, I NEEDED cake.  I started rummaging through the cabinets looking for anything that would curb my craving.  I had nothing.  No cookies, bits of candy, ice cream, nothing.  Then I saw a jar of frosting in the back of the cabinet and decided I would make a cake if only I had the right ingredients.  I pulled out my computer and did a quick search for a basic cake recipe.  One by one I ticked off the ingredients…until I got to the last one.  Milk.

Crap.  We ran out of milk over the weekend, which is ironic because Regan rarely drinks milk or cereal, which requires milk.  I stood perplexed and contemplated putting on clothes and going to the store, then I thought WWTD?

What Would Tarsha Do?

Why, she would improvise, of course!

I had coconut milk in the cabinet, so I decided to make a substitution.  I figured it would either be a colossal failure and waste of flour and sugar, or a delightful Caribbean surprise.


It was…just meh.  Not nasty.  Though totally edible.  Better than some cakes I’ve had, although I would never make it again.  But what’s important is it cured my sweet tooth!


And Regan thought it was grand!

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I’m constantly searching for ways to cut costs, and trust me when I tell you there aren’t many.  Well, there might be many, but not things I am WILLING to cut.  Prior to Regan, I was an every-other-week pedicure kind of girl.  Now I go about once a month or less.  This might not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me when I tell you it is.  I keep my feet together at all times.  I always have.  So when it’s time for fresh polish I’ve been, gasp, doing it myself.

Look, I know millions of women paint their own toes every single day, but it just isn’t my forte.  Maybe my hands aren’t steady, maybe I’m not limber enough, maybe my boobs are too big and get in the way.  Actually, I think it’s all three.

Anyway, after painting my own toes I am always so self-conscious at their jankiness.  Recently, I decided I wasn’t going to sweat it anymore.  I removed my old polish, buffed and moisturized my nails and slapped on some clear polish.  That’s it!

Normally, I wear nude nails in the winter when they are covered up with socks and shoes for weeks at  time.  But I’ve decided to wear nude nails in the summer when I am in between pedicures.  I actually like how my feet look with no polish, so it’s really not a big deal to me.  I was even thinking about wearing them natural after my next pedicure.  It makes life so much easier.  I don’t have to worry about my polish clashing with my outfit or chipping.  I’m ready to go at all times!

Do you ever wear your toes without polish?

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