My Latest Obsession


You see this pic right here?  It might not look like much, but, honey let me tell you, it is the bomb!

My latest obsession is quinoa.  I eat it at work. I order it at restaurants.  This particular tasty treat is what I’ve been making ever since my mom left.  She made if for me a couple of weeks ago.  I came home late one evening and she had left it sitting out.  She told me to try it and I was like “eh.”  The next morning, however, I decided to try it cold.  She said it was better cold and Oh.My.Damn she was right.  I literally ate 3 servings of it in one sitting.

When we left for New Orleans I kicked myself all the way down 85 for not bringing it for the road trip.  I knew I had to make it when I returned.  Last night I made my second batch.  I served it as a side to some baked fish.  Even Regan likes it.  It might be the first time I’ve not wanted her to like something.  Now I have to share!

I actually had to make it and disperse into individual containers for self-control.  Otherwise I swear I’d it the entire batch in two sittings.  And quinoa is a super food, so there are lots of added benefits to eating it.

Okay, so here is the recipe:

1 eggplant
1 bunch scallions
2 apples
1/3 C dried cranberries, low sugar
1 C quinoa
1-1/2 C veg stock
EVOO to dress eggplant and scallions before roasting or drizzle over rhem on the cookie sheet

Chop and roast the scallions.  Cook the quinoa in vegetable or chicken stock.  Peel and chop the apples.

Put everything in a bowl.

Try to control yourself. You’re welcome.

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A Horse! Of Course!

Another banner weekend on the books for Babs and Regan!

We started out with our ritual movie and pizza night on Friday.  With a gift card to a local pizza joint and Netflix, it was a spend-free evening.  We watched Mulan (again) and I found myself having to explain things that she hadn’t questioned before.  She’s really starting to pay attention to story lines.

Saturday we were up bright and (way too damn) early to head to a friend’s house for a baby shower.  I admit to having a bit of a stank attitude as I drove the 90 minutes to her house, but by the time we arrived I had shaken it off and decided not to bring negative energy into their home.  Babies are a blessing and should be celebrated*.

My new attitude could have been due to the KK donut I wolfed down on the way there.

Dwarf House

Or the images of my sweetheart outside of CFA.  Every child should have little doors they can walk through.  My baby Hakeem Olajuwan probably only has about another year.

Sunday we lazed around the house until it was time to head to her classmate’s birthday party.  Now, the invitation was literally handwritten on a piece of notepad paper.  And there was a follow-up note on the classroom door that said “2pm or so whenever church gets out” so you know my expectations were really low.  I decided we’d get there closer to 3pm so as to manage my blood pressure that rises for tardiness.  Imagine my surprise when we arrived and saw a huge bouncy house and pony rides!


I don’t know who was more excited about the pony.  I’ve been wanting to get her on a horse for about a year and she, of course, asks about it all the time.  As soon as she sat up there she started beaming.  She was completely comfortable on the horse. As you can imagine, I am now completely obsessed with getting Regan some riding lessons this summer!


Overall, the party was what I would describe as organized chaos, but Regan had a really good time. She got to ride the pony (twice), play in the bouncy house, get her face painted and run around the back yard with her friends.  She had such a good time and truly didn’t want to go.

I chatted with a few parents that I knew (and some I did not), ate nachos and drank wine.  At the end of the day I found myself sitting outside watching the kids play and I said a word of thanks for the friendships Regan has formed since moving to the south side of town**.



*I still will never willfully participate in another traditional baby shower as long as I live.  Well, maybe when Regan has a baby.  Maybe.

** I also said a word of thanks for the nachos and wine.


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Questions and Answers

I’m feeling uninspired today, so shouts out to Friday 5 for some writing prompts.


If someone insisted on paying for it, would you rather have a gardener, a housekeeper, a personal chef, a driver, or a personal assistant?

A housekeeper.  That would take enough off my plate so I wouldn’t mind gardening or driving.  I’m too persnickety for a personal assistant.  And I love to cook.

If someone insisted on paying for it, would you rather have a personal masseuse (or masseur), a sex surrogate, a personal trainer, a therapist, a makeup artist and hair stylist, or a life coach?

Definitely a personal trainer.  I need someone to shame me into working out every day!

Would you rather have a non-creepy secret admirer who sent you the occasional small gift and admiring note, a professional agent who kept an eye out for your next job and applied on your behalf and negotiated your salary, a private investigator who found out what people are saying about you and found out interesting things about people you know, or a personal photographer to capture all your special moments in ways that always made you look your best?

A secret admirer for sure.  Every girl wants to feel special.  I don’t think my line of work requires an agent.  I definitely don’t want to know what people are saying about me.  And the Intern is already well-trained as my personal photographer.  Hmmmm maybe I should train him to be my secret admirer too.

Would you rather have limitless closet space (for clothes only), limitless shelf space (for books and music only), limitless hard-drive and cloud storage, or an eidetic memory?

Eidetic memory.  My memory is pretty bad, so I would love to be able to remember everything.

Would you rather have perfect pitch, the ability to do long or tricky math problems quickly in your head, ambidexterity, an inerrant BS detector, or the uncanny ability to know exactly what the weather’s going to be like in your neighborhood within twenty-four hours?

BS detector!  Oh, if only I had that the last 20 years I can’t tell you the amount of BS I could have avoided.  BS at work. BS in relationships. BS in friendships.  Hell, even BS with my daughter.  She knows good and damn well her tummy was not hurting her last night.  She just had to come down and say hi to company!


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Randomly Speaking

I have a crick in my neck.

Sidebar: I thought crick was just some old slang, but I looked it up and it’s actually in the dictionary.

So I have this crick and last night I decided to take one of my trusty muscle relaxants.  Here it is 1pm the next day and that damn thing is still in my system.  I can’t seem to wake up.  Thank heavens I’m teleworking today.  I alternate between napping on the couch and looking at my laptop.


I thought I had a fairly chill weekend planned, but I forgot about my friend’s baby shower on Saturday. I’m in charge of the games.

You know how I feel about baby shower games.


I’ve taken off my New Orleans weight.


I want cake.


I hate it when shiny things lose their luster.


I need it to be warm and STAY warm!

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