This Weekend I Would Like to…

Yikes.  It’s only Monday and my motivation is planted squarely on the weekend ahead.  I’m brainstorming on what I’d like to do.  So far:

See Skyfall
Walk/run 3 miles
Make it to Sunday tennis practice
Make something amazing for Sunday dinner
Go to the Apple store to research my Christmas present (!!)
Sleep past 6am
Drink mojitos
Clean both bathrooms top to bottom
Buy a turkey (because apparently there is a turkey fryer being delivered this week)

What are you weekend plans?

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9 Responses to This Weekend I Would Like to…

  1. Serenity23 says:

    A community service project with Tyler and his cubscout pack. A visit to the museum and grocery shopping and meal planning.

  2. Gladys says:

    On Friday, it’s dinner with a friend. Saturday morning I’m volunteering with my church to feed the homeless in DC and distribute winter wear to them as well. After that, it’s up in the air. Nothing else planned. I have had a very busy past several weekends. I’m looking forward to the downtime.

  3. Disco Diva says:

    Same ole thing…nothing. *cries*

  4. So far:
    Adult night at Legoland
    Delta chapter meeting
    Donating blood
    Omega Founders Day Party
    Gourmet Gents cook off

  5. Kurylicious says:

    I plan on doing me Husband free! I can’t wait! I’m going to eat at my fav Thai Restaurant, Surin, and come home, indulge in some wine and sleep on his side of the bed! I’m also going to the gym, get waxed and threaded and I’m debating on getting my hair flat ironed. Oh, I guess I should start my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. But essentially, if I don’t do anything, Husband free is welcomed alone time!

  6. Sasha says:

    This coming weekend I want to see Flight. I saw Skyfall last night. AMAZING!! Definitely go see it.
    Saturday I’m going to a Gender Reveal Party for a friend who is pregnant. Sunday, I may go to the beach with some ladies for a hike. First time doing it…Lord, I hope I actually go.

  7. SimplyB says:

    Drop some stuff at the Goodwill
    Book Club meeting
    Decide on my contribution to TG dinner
    Grocery shopping
    Catch up on Dexter
    Wash and retwist my hair
    Possible game night with the neighbors

  8. t. sheree says:

    Drive to Houston.
    Bridal shower.
    Dinner with friends.
    Drive from Houston.
    Sleep :-)

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