Weekend in Review

I had a busy, but fun weekend!  I had planned to spend the weekend relaxing and cleaning, but it didn’t turn out like that.  Friday at work I was so sleepy.  I just knew I was going to come home and crash, but as I sat on the couch I suddenly wanted to get out.CaliSlim and I met up for some chicken wings and likka.  We had a good time and each had a frozen hurricane from the machine.  I wasn’t expecting much from a premade drink, but when I got home at 9 and was knocked clean the hell out 3 minutes later, I realized how potent it actually was.  So glad I didn’t have more than one!

Saturday morning I got up and ran and went to tennis practice.  In the afternoon I went to a toddler birthday party, even though I didn’t have Regan.  I wasn’t looking forward to going, but ended up having a pretty good time.  It’s always good to meet other women and commiserate over the trials of toddlerhood.

June 29

In the evening CaliSlim and I got together again and headed out to a “luau” that a fraternity was having.  I was excited to wear this dress again since I had only wore it in Houston.  And I was excited that I was able to wear comfortable flats with it.

The luau was really fun…if you were over the age of 50.  Seriously, although there was a good mix of people, most everyone was older.  And the music was geared more towards them.  Now, I like old school music, but that wasn’t really the scene that CaliSlim and I were looking for.  By the time they played “Before I Let Go” for the second time in 45 minutes, we had to flee.

Our next stop was a pool party not too far from my house.  We didn’t bother to change as were had no intentions of getting in the pool. 

The pool party was…the most ratchet scene I’ve ever witnessed in real life.  Like, it was like a scene from a rap video.  Women wearing swimwear not geared for their body type, men walking around with bottles of liquor and the music.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you I only recognized about three songs the entire night.  But everyone else knew the words to every single song.  They were crunk!  The pool was packed and I am pretty sure I witnessed a baby being made.

Was it a bad time?  Not at all.  I was highly entertained!  I sipped my room temperature peach Ciroc and watched the toomfoolerly unfold.  The only thing we had to worry about were some of the gentlemen being a little too handsy.  I had to come home and shower from all the strange paws on my arms and shoulders.

Sunday was tennis and I’m not even going to write about it because I’m still pissed about the shenanigans that took place.  I don’t understand how these women operate on a daily basis as professional citizens.  I really just don’t get it.


Sunday night my mommy arrived and Regan came home.  We headed to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  Regan loved her food so much she was sipping her mashed potatoes through a straw.

How was your weekend?

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3 Responses to Weekend in Review

  1. Honest says:

    Love the look on Regan’s face!

    This was the first weekend that I haven’t worked out in more than 5 months. It was great to take a break until I got on the scale this morning and realized I’m 4 pounds above my WW goal weight again. :-(.

  2. Disco Diva says:

    Regan is so cute!

    Glad you had a overall good weekend!

  3. AmyG says:

    Omg – that pic of Regan is awesome :). Love her! She is too cute!!!!

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